Alexei Sheboldaev

Was born in Moscow in 1955.

Studied in the Moscow Secondary School under USSR Artistic Academy.

From 1973 to 1978 was the student of the faculty of applied art of Moscow Textile Institute.

Since 1978 has been working on the chair of drawing and painting of A.N. Kosigin Moscow State Textile University, assistant professor,from 1980 is the author and permanent leader of students practice on art history in Russian ancient towns.

Since 1997 has been the member of Moscow Artists Union(painters fellowship), member of International Artisitic Fund, real member of International Science Academy of nature and society (fine art section).

The participant of All-Union, Republican, International exhibitions, including personal exhibitions(Moscow, Holland, the USA). The participant of series of exhibitions "Europastel crayon" (Italy - St.Petersburg), International pastel crayon salon (France, Normandy).

The wors of artist are being held in different museum and private collections in Russia, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Hungary, Japan, the USA. His monumental works are fresco painting of Seraphim Sarovskiy Monastery (Italy, Tuscana), cinema "Pobeda" (Moscow), chief seat of commerce in Luzhniki (Moscow), painting of halls of game system "Jackpot"(Moscow), and a set of private interiors.

Кафе в Аэропорте Кеннеди Питер зимой Река Вологда Вологодская старина Муретский овраг Нарцисс Голубая челма Новгородский страж Теперь перекусим Валькирия Бухарскакя улочка Заход солнца Хоть вы не знаете меня... Улочка в Муроцано Сант-Амброджио Тревожный Руан Я - армянка! Древности Прегорские Северный закат Дитя солнца Нормандский замок -40 С. Аляска Старые деревья Осень Дом в провинции На солнцепёке Лодка. Онега Силуэты Каргополя Студентка Надя Взгляд Цветы Нормандии Связанные одной цепью Трещина

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